1. Being the most prepared to make this big step is our No. 1 GOAL. If you are a first time home buyer, how much do you want to spend a month? What kind of home are you looking for? What all goes into your monthly payment? We know you will have questions; so it is essential to have someone on your side from start to finish that will communicate effectively and in a language you understand. We have the team just for you! Get Pre Approved TODAY.


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2. Once we know your budget we set up a WISH LIST.


Bedroom #

Bathroom #

Yard or no yard?

Garage or no Garage



You get a general idea. People get steps 1 & 2 confused. They want to start looking at properties they find on Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, before they know their budget. Things that can affect your budget are:


Did you just buy a car?

Open a new credit card or “finance” furniture/electronics ETC?

Do you have A TON of student loan debt?

Did you just “co-sign” on a loan for someone else?

Do you have some late payments on your credit?


Without knowing what you can afford, we could be looking at homes outside your monthly affordability which then creates disappointment. We do not want you to be disappointed but rather EXCITED!


Check out the Market Stats for some of the Northwest Burbs. Average sales information in each area. Why is this important? It helps better understand the average? What is average in the community where you want to live? Will we have to change what is on your list? Alter the “MUST HAVES” vs “WANTS”. We go through all of that together!